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An Evans student happily showcasing his scholarship payment!

An Evans student happily showcasing his scholarship payment!

In spring 2015, the Monterey Peninsula College Foundation launched a new and exciting program for disadvantaged youth - the Howard & Karin Evans College Incentive Program. Area high schools, continuation/alternative schools, and a number of non-profit organizations were invited to nominate students to participate in this life-changing program. Nominees must have financial need and face a number of challenges in their lives that are likely to prevent them from attending or completing college.

Our first group of students enrolled at MPC in Fall 2015, receiving special resources, privileges, and significant financial assistance to encourage them to attend college.

This opportunity is unlike any other scholarship program at MPC – we are specifically focusing on youth who were unlikely to become college graduates – changing the direction of their lives by encouraging and helping them to succeed.

Potential Nominees Must:

  • Have financial need;
  • Face challenges or disadvantages that make them unlikely to attend or succeed at completing college (see nomination form for more information);
  • Have the potential to be successful if provided the right support, motivation, and financial assistance.

Program Benefits – Evans Scholars receive:

  • Specialized workshops, trainings, counseling, and motivational activities;
  • Incremental scholarships throughout their time at MPC, as well as upon their acceptance to a four-year transfer university.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate Now!
  • Complete a nomination form for each student you believe should be considered for this program and submit them to MPC Foundation by March 09, 2018. You can complete as many forms as you like! We expect to admit 50 students into the program in the 2018-2019 academic year.  Forms can be emailed to MpcFoundationInfo@mpc.edu or complete the form online at www.mpcfoundation.org/evansform
  • Can you think of another organization that works with disadvantaged teenagers who might also be able to nominate potential candidates? Please check the list of organizations we’ve included at our program webpage (www.mpcfoundation.org/evansorgs) and let us know if we should add others!