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Students turning in their surveys at Orientation.

Students turning in their surveys at Orientation.

1) Who can nominate a student?

Nomination forms can be submitted by any staff member from an educational or non-profit agency. Students and/or their parents cannot nominate themselves/their child; however, they may ask a staff member at their organization to nominate them.
2) How many nomination forms can my organization submit?
There is no limit to the number of nomination forms you may submit.
3) What are the requirements to participate?
Nominees must have financial need and face challenges that are likely to prevent them from becoming college graduates. More information is available on the nomination form. Once enrolled in the program, students must commit to attending MPC full-time, maintaining at least a 2.3 GPA, meeting with an academic counselor at least once a semester, and participating in program workshops.
Maisy is studying Early Childhood Education at MPC.

Maisy is studying Early Childhood Education at MPC.

4) What benefits do students receive?

Students receive substantial financial assistance, access to resources, counseling/advising, coaching, and special activities all designed to motivate and help them succeed.
5) How many students are in the program?
Since Fall 2015, over 200 students have been admitted into the program. This Spring a 4th cohort of 50 students will be admitted into the program.
6) How can I get involved?
Additional funding means we can serve a greater number of students each year, so we are always grateful for monetary donations. In addition, we appreciate help getting the word out about the program – connecting us with organizations that serve disadvantaged youth or connecting a youth you know with an organization that can nominate them. Occasionally, we have a need for volunteers; if you are interested please contact us.