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Wolf Pack “Hall of Honor” $5,000+

Mr. Homer L. Bosserman

Mildred Hitchcock Huff Charitable Trust

The Alexander F. Victor Foundation


Wolf Pack “Olympian” $1,000

Armanasco Public Relations, Inc.

Leandro Castillo

Stifel Nicolaus

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Lyndon and Vicki Schutzler

Dr. Walter Tribley & Mrs. Jennifer Tribley


Wolf Pack “Contender” $500

Billy Breslan

Michael and Phyllis Maiorana

Bill McClintock


Wolf Pack “Coach” $250

Nat Agliano

Ron and Joyce Garnett

Birt Johnson, Jr.

Renee and Richard Kezirian

Beccie Michael

Abby & Jerry Pfeiffer

Laurence and Leslie Walker

Margi and Bill Wiest


Wolf Pack “Teammate” $100

Mr. Dave Adams

Ms. Wendy Bates

Marshall Bloom

Rich and Demi Briscoe

Don and Sheri Cline

Lydia and Lynn Davis

Leland Evans

Neil Fearn

Ferrol Frost

Harry Adams

Black Bear Diner West, Inc.

William K. Berg

Rich and Demi Briscoe

The Corporate Chef

Lydia and Lynn Davis

Bill and Nancy Doolittle

El Estero Car Wash, Inc.

Leland Evans

Mr. Herbert Fearn

Ferrol Frost

Gary and Jane Gasperson

Kacey Giammanco

Marilynn Dunn Gustafson

Brandon Harris

Akemi ito

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Johnson

Joy Junsay

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leader

Mrs. Barbara Lebeck

Ms. Janet A Linkenbach

Claudia Loo

Michael L. Mast

Dan and Daryl McTeague

Robert Mulford

James L. Mullany

Tom Novak

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Nuovo, Sr.

Jim and Clara Perrine

Phillips Real Estate

Mr. Luke Phillips and Mrs. Victoria Samora Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Redmond

Mr. Devon Schutzler

Mr. and Mrs. Wade and Margaret Selman

Frank and Sannie Sollecito

Mr. Steven S. Thayer

The Corporate Chef

Dr. Jim and Linda Tunney

Mr. Matthew Wade

Ruthie Watts

Ken and Jean White

Edward J. Wilson DDS

Ryan and Darcy Wylie


 Updated as of 09/28/16

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