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President's Circle


President’s Circle members are forward thinkers who value higher education and recognize the wide-ranging impact it has on the community. By providing the base from which we leverage other resources, your investment of $1,000 or more to the MPC Foundation’s unrestricted fund is critical to all of the programs that we offer at MPC, including those described below.

President’s Circle Membership Levels

Joining the President’s Circle is one of the most impactful gifts you can make to the MPC Foundation. Your membership contribution is woven throughout all of our student and campus support programs. You can make a difference by joining President’s Circle at one of the levels below.

$10,000+ Santa Lucia Mountains

$7,500 Jack’s Peak

 $5,000 Point Sur

 $2,500 Lover’s Point

 $1,500 Whaler’s Cove

 $1,000 Fort Ord Dunes



Student Assistance Programs

With your help, we provide hundreds of scholarships each year to deserving students based on a diverse range of criteria, including merit and financial need.

Foundation scholarships help students like Lexi Rawson to pursue educational opportunities, including a prestigious summer internship with the National Institutes of Health.



“I would not have been able to
do this without Dr. Durstenfeld
motivating me, pushing me along
and encouraging me not to give
up. He had no doubt I was going
to secure this internship.”
— Lexi Rawson (left)


The Foundation’s Textbook Assistance program provides grants for financially qualified students to purchase textbooks at the MPC Bookstore. Powered by President’s Circle memberships and other resources, we are able to serve up to 50 students each semester, and growing!

When students face a financial emergency that could force them to drop-out of college, our Emergency Assistance program helps keep students enrolled by paying for unexpected expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, or rent increases.

Campus Innovation & Excellence

Recognizing that MPC’s greatest strength is its extraordinary faculty and staff, Faculty & Staff Advancement Awards support the people who help make the student experience at Monterey Peninsula College both meaningful and rewarding. FASA awards promote professional growth, innovative ideas, and the acquisition of instructional resources that enhance the learning environment at MPC.

The Foundation also utilizes President’s Circle support to seek grant funds from a variety of sources, and has been increasingly successful in doing so. In 2014, we tripled our previous year’s grant awards, securing over $500,000 in grant funding!

While these programs are partly funded by restricted donations and/or grants, none of them would be possible without our President’s Circle members. 

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Did you know?

  • MPC’s total FTES (Full Time Equivalent students) for 2014-15 was 6,450.

  • MPC’s total student count for 2014-15 was 14,580 (with a 51% male and 48% female student population….1% unknown)

  • Students between the ages of 25-49 represent 42% of the total student body, 43% under age 25, and 15% age 50+. 
  • MPC is a designated Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), with Hispanic students representing 31% of the overall student population. The remainder of MPC’s student ethnic makeup includes: White/ Non-Hispanic 46%, Asian 5%, African American 4%, multi-ethnicity 4%, other 5% and unknown 5%.

  • 80% of firefighters, law enforcement officers and EMTs are credentialed at community colleges. 70% of nurses in California received their education from community colleges like MPC.
  • More than 1/2 of California veterans receiving GI educational benefits attend a community college.