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Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin Faculty Adancement Endowment

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011



Large Gift to MPC Foundation Made in Support of the

Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin Faculty Adancement Endowment



MONTEREY, CA–September 12, 2011–Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin recently made a gift of $250,000 to the MPC Foundation in support of the Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin Faculty Adancement Endowment.


While MPC is student-centered, the faculty is at the core of  student success. Accordingly,   professional development funding, in the form of  Faculty and Staff Advancement Awards has been a priority of the MPC Foundation for many years.  The Foundation has awarded  $562,570 in grants over the past eleven years.  The last time California Community Colleges received state-sponsored  professional development funds  was in 2008-09 when  only $37,502 was provided. In light of the current fiscal conditions, it is unlikely this state funding will return any time soon.


Proceeds from the Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin Faculty Adancement Endowment will ensure support for faculty professional development at Monterey Peninsula College. The endowment was started by the MPC Foundation, family, and friends of Dr. Baskin’s to honor her beginnings with the college, her tenure on the Foundation Board, and her interest in supporting MPC faculty.


Dr. Baskin was fortunate to find her calling in life, at age 31, when her esteemed teaching career began at Monterey Peninsula College. During the past fifty years she has proved to be an extraordinary educator, an accomplished writer and photographer, a respected philanthropist, and a champion for women’s higher education.


Inspired by her experiences at MPC, Dr. Baskin discovered that teaching was “the most exciting and energetic thing to do.”  She reveled in the “exhilaration of a college classroom” and the spirited exchange of dialogue and ideas. Thirty years after graduating magna cum laude from Vassar she endeavored to become a student once again. At the age of 49, she returned to school and earned a PhD in Political Science from the Claremont Graduate School of Government. Subsequent professorships at Santa Clara University and the University of California at Santa Cruz continued to fan the flames of her passion for politics and encouraged her to develop  courses to include: Women and Power, Presidential Management Styles, and The Politics of Aging. 


Dr. Baskin and her husband Jack’s generous patronage contributed to the success of the MPC Renaissance Campaign in 2002, which led to the naming of the Peggy Downes Baskin Information Commons in the Library and Technology Center. Additionally, the Baskins annually award to an MPC graduating female student, a $20,000 scholarship to obtain an undergraduate degree from a UC campus.


The expression of Dr. Baskin’s commitment to MPC will continue in perpetuity through the MPC Foundation’s Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin Faculty Advancement Endowment.


It is for her meritorious service as a member of the MPC Foundation Board, and her altruistic efforts on behalf of all students, faculty, and staff, that MPC President Dr. Douglas Garrison honored Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin with the 2011 President’s Award presented to her at the annual President’s Address on May 4. This award and the Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin Faculty Advancement Endowment recognizes Dr. Baskin’s unwavering devotion to education and her dedication to helping students overcome obstacles and achieve their academic goals.


The Monterey Peninsula College Foundation advances the educational experience of students, faculty, and staff of the Monterey Peninsula College by raising funds for student scholarships, instructional and library materials, professional development for faculty and staff, facilities improvements and academic programs.


The Foundation is committed to the concept that education is the means by which people may reach their full potential.