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Featured MPC Alumni: Frank S. Nuovo

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

 A Very Large Part Dreamer

Frank S. Nuovo, the most recently inducted member
in the MPC Lobo Hall of Fame, has spent the better part of 30 years spanning
the globe as an industrial designer. When asked to define an industrial
designer, Frank replies, “Part inventor, part engineer, part artist, part communicator,
part brand builder, and a very large part dreamer.” His description is apt, as
he is responsible for designing many of the products we rely on every day,
including cell phones, stereo systems, furniture, computers, planes, trains and

Frank credits MPC for exciting his interest in new and
emerging technologies:  “For me, MPC was the hard reboot of my brain—a
real start for exploration and discovery. MPC allowed me to maintain a creative
spirit and become a professional dreamer – a spirit that was critical to
success with my career.” 

Frank’s interest in MPC began in junior high and high
school; activities provided by the college helped him to see the campus as
inviting and supportive of student goals. Once he enrolled, Frank recalls
looking around at the faces of his fellow MPC classmates and thinking, “Wow!
They’re really listening. They really care. This is serious. I LIKE THIS.” He
as thrilled to be attending MPC, surrounded by people who were just as
dedicated to moving forward in life. He didn’t see his experience as a
competition, but rather as an opportunity for those who wanted to grow. 

And grow he did. He studied art history, music theory,
science, and other academic courses that enabled him to pursue a unique
professional path. As a result, Frank was able to build the art portfolio required
for acceptance to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. 

Without MPC, Frank claims that acceptance to and success
at the Art Center may not have been possible:  “I found my way while at
MPC. Poetically speaking, my work in design has enjoyed a global footprint
literally traveling many millions of miles. But the footpath through the forest
I walked and rode through here in Monterey, and in Particular to MPC, is one
that I reflect on more than anything. It made me a Monterey community boy regardless
of where I am, and that made all the difference.”