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Success Stories

The financial assistance that I received from the MPC Foundation has been critical in helping me to reach my educational goals. MPC has given me a superior education and quality teachers who have mentored and inspired me to do my best. During my first year at MPC, I applied for an internship with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and, with the support of some of my MPC professors, I was able to get the position. The other two interns were graduate students from four-year universities so I was proud to be counted among them.
Kaylyn Patitucci
MPC Class of 2011

The MPC Fire Academy has made tremendous positive changes in my life. It has been the most challenging, but also the most rewarding experience. I cannot say enough about this program; the instructors go above and beyond the call of duty. The education and training that I have received through the MPC Fire Academy will allow me to pursue my Fire Service career.
FFR David Vasquez
MPC Fire Academy 2010-2

After dealing with some struggles in my life, returning to college to earn my Certified Nursing Assistant license and upgrade my nursing skills wasn’t easy. I followed the avenues suggested to me at MPC and was able to bring my grades back up. MPC graciously gave me the help I needed to overcome some financial difficulties. Without them, I would have had to drop out and put my education on hold, but now I am determined to accomplish my goals and become an MPC graduate.
Debra Quarles
MPC Class of 2013